Privacy policy, database and direct mail:

The company recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy of the users of the website it operates and manages ("the website"). Your use of the website and/or your registration for services on the website and/or making a purchase by you on the website constitute your consent to any use that will be made of the information collected about you as detailed in the terms of the privacy policy below.

data bases:

The information you provide when purchasing on the website as well as any information that will be collected about you in connection with the orders you made and/or the products you purchased and/or any other use made by you on the website will be stored in the service's databases. The service will use the information in accordance with the provisions of the law and in accordance with this privacy policy.

Use of information:

  1. The company will be entitled to make any use of the information it requires for the purpose of providing the services requested by you, including for the purpose of handling orders for the purchase of the products. The company will be entitled to allow access to the information in the databases and/or to transfer the information to any third party according to the type of services and/or orders as mentioned and for the purpose of operating, developing and improving the website and the services on the website. The company will also be entitled to use the information in order to contact you by any of the means and/or contact details provided by you on the site, including by way of direct mail and direct mail services in order to offer you any service and/or product and/or additional information that it deems appropriate. The service because it can match and/or interest you according to the segmentation of the information it has about you and/or any service and/or product and/or other information according to its discretion. The service will be entitled to contact you by itself and/or through someone on its behalf, as well as transfer the information to any third parties so that they can contact you and offer you additional services and/or products as mentioned.
  2. You may at any time contact the service and request not to receive offers for additional services and/or products beyond the actions and/or purchases you made on the website.

Delivery of advertising material:

  1. If you approve the section for sending advertising material from the website, the company will be entitled to send you any advertising and/or marketing information from it and/or from third parties in accordance with its sole discretion using any of the means of electronic communication provided to it by you while using the website or at a later date , including e-mail and SMS messages.
  2. If you have approved the section for sending advertising material and you are not interested in receiving the advertising information or you are interested in having it sent to you only to one or more of the means of communication, write a letter directly to the above email address

Collecting information for statistical purposes:

The company collects and analyzes information about the scope of use of the website, the frequency of its use, the access sources of the website users, etc. For this purpose, the company uses various tools at its disposal, which help it monitor the activity patterns on the website, the degree of use of the various contents and services on the website and the purchase of the products on the website. The processing of the information is intended for the purpose of control, research, maintenance, protection and improvement of the services provided on the site and it does not identify you personally.

Changes to the privacy policy:

The company will be entitled to change the provisions of the privacy policy from time to time in accordance with its sole discretion, including provisions regarding the use of the information you provided.


What is said in these terms of use is partly worded for convenience in the masculine singular, but it refers to both genders, the plural as well as corporations and other legal entities equally.