The perfect wedding dress: the comprehensive guide to choosing the dress of your dreams


The perfect wedding dress: the comprehensive guide to choosing the dress of your dreams - according to Dror Contento

It's time to choose a wedding dress for the wedding,
You are probably overwhelmed with mixed feelings of joy, anticipation and a little anxiety.
Choosing the wedding dress is one of the most important and significant decisions in the wedding process,
And this is a stressful situation.


In the following list you will find a complete and comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect wedding dress for you.
Read, get inspired and start fantasizing about the wedding dress of your dreams !


The beginning of the process - searching for inspiration

It is highly recommended to start the wedding dress search process at least 6-8 months before the wedding.
That way you will have enough time to find the perfect dress and make the necessary adjustments for your body, and if you imagine something you haven't found, it leaves enough time for the studio to create what you dream of from scratch.


The first step is to gather inspiration and form a general vision about the perfect wedding dress for you.
Look at websites, bridal magazines and designer catalogs.
Close on 2-3 styles that you see yourself in, save photos and screenshots of wedding dresses that you like .


After that, schedule a consultation at our studio,
The girls in the studio are very professional and have gone through the process with many brides, they will be able to advise and adjust cuts and styles for you and recommend the latest fashions and trends .


Measuring wedding dresses - finding the perfect dress

Once you have a general idea of ​​what you're looking for, it's time to start measuring wedding dresses!
This is definitely one of the most exciting experiences of the wedding process .


It is important to try on as many wedding dresses and different styles as possible.
Don't rush to choose the first dress and don't rush to reject a cut that you didn't think would fit. Just try it on, at most you won't like it and move on to the next dress.

Focus on finding the most flattering and comfortable cut. A wedding dress should fit you and make you feel the best , but it is also important to arrive in coordination with expectations, a wedding dress is not tights or sweatpants, therefore there is a limit to comfort 😊


Even if you found a dress you liked, you should continue and measure several more dresses before making a final decision , you can always go back to the one you liked.


Choosing the style and atmosphere of the wedding dress

Just as important as the cut is to choose a wedding dress in a style and atmosphere that suits your personal taste and the nature of the wedding .

Do you prefer a classic and elegant look or rather a boho or eclectic style?
A romantic and flowing dress or tight?
Is this a lunch wedding? Reverse wedding? and so'.


The choice of the fabric and the details of the wedding dress

There are many types of fabrics to choose from, each one creates a different feeling. Smooth, shiny fabrics, lace, rhyming fabrics and studded with stones and more .

Details such as lace, decorations, additions and stones can also give the wedding dress a special character and personality, a correct combination of style, fabric and details creates the perfect wedding dress .


Shoes and accessories to complete the look

Don't forget to also choose shoes that match the wedding dress.
It is important that they be beautiful, but the most important thing is also comfort for walking and dancing .
It is also important to choose jewelry, which will complete the look.
Consult with the stylists in the studio what is most suitable.


Take reliable companions for measurements

You should only take measurements with close companions whose taste and opinion you really trust .
Ask them for an honest opinion - which dress flatters you the most, which one best reflects your personality .
Remember that the final decision is yours, but advice from trusted associates can be very helpful in the process .


How to create different looks from one wedding dress

You can create several different looks from the dress itself during the evening, by adding or removing layers and accessories .
For example, you can start with a dramatic or romantic trail for the canopy ceremony, changing the shoes, jewelry and hair can also give a completely different look to the same wedding dress. Your creativity is the limit !


Arrive at the big day with a perfect wedding dress and in a good mood


Choose only lenders who will cheat you on this day, not companies that need to be taken care of instead of being taken care of by you,

Make pre-arranged lists of everything that needs to be prepared and organized. Choose suppliers that you are comfortable with and trust your attendants to take care of small details on the day itself .

Do everything you can to avoid unnecessary stress and nerves on what should be a happy day. The most important thing to remember is that you and your partner are getting married for love and that together you can handle anything .


Summary - A perfect wedding dress is the one that makes you feel your best

The process of choosing a wedding dress can be exciting but also a bit challenging. With wise planning, patience and positive thinking - you will surely find the perfect wedding dress for you that will make you feel and look like a queen on the long-awaited day !

The wedding dress should first and foremost suit you and your personality. It should flatter you, be comfortable and make you smile every time you look at it .


If you follow the tips and recommendations in this guide, you will surely be able to find the perfect wedding dress that will accompany you for many years to come as one of the beautiful memories of your wedding day. I wish you the best of luck!