How to choose a wedding dress? The process of choosing a wedding dress - Dror Contento

Choosing a wedding dress is a complex process , and you don't always know where to start,
So we decided in the studio to tell a little about the process that every bride goes through in our studio

First of all, we start collecting all kinds of dresses from around the web that we like 😍
Entering the social pages of a designer we connect to his designer,
Sometimes we are surprised by some models we didn't think about, pick up the phone and make an appointment to get impressions of the wedding dresses,
It should be taken into account that there are many other dresses in the studio that are not always photographed for the catalog and uploaded to the website or the Instagram page,
During the year, dozens of new dresses are sewn, dresses with personal designs that customers designed together with Dror, and dresses that have undergone changes (sleeves have been added or removed, a skirt has been changed, etc.).

When you come to a consultation it's always worth coming with an open mind, sometimes we'll try on a dress that we didn't imagine would fit us (the fabric, the cut, etc.) and it looks amazing on us,
Therefore, always come to the meeting with an open mind ,
It should be taken into account that dresses on a hanger don't always look the same as they will on the body, so it's always worth measuring.
Always go with someone whose opinion we trust , whose heart is clean, and whom we trust to tell us the truth without an ulterior motive ❤️

After we measured a few dresses (not too many, 3-4 styles of cuts and fabrics) otherwise the head gets lost and it's a shame, we approach the price offer.

The price quote usually consists of the amount of changes and repairs required in the dress to adapt it to your body perfectly 😍

If we decide on a dress (one or two, or three if we feel like it),
We determine some measurements until the day of collection,
During the measurements we make changes and repairs to fit the dresses with perfect precision to your body and to the dream you dreamed of 🪄

Important, important, important!!
choose a team from your dreams that will make it come true for you,
Hair and make-up people that are accurate to your character , a photography team that will record all the happiness and magic that happens on the wedding day,
A DJ who will read the crowd and know how to make everyone move and be happy, but who will be comfortable for the guests to reach, food that will suit everyone's taste (not just yours right?)

Of course, remember to congratulate the entire team at the end of the event, enter the social networks, and bridal pages and write encouraging reviews for your team, this gives the team strength to continue making the next bride happy ❤️

See you in the studio 😘